Adding value can mean the difference between getting a promotion or getting fired… closing the client or not.

To ensure we’re constantly improving and seeing our results increase, we need to build on the value we can offer others.

So what is value?

Well there are many definitions of value, but I just like to keep it simple…

Adding value is helping someone or something, increase their chances of achieving.

Adding value could be solving a problem or need, it could be training a salesforce to improve their conversions, it could be bringing a positive can do attitude to your organisation… and so on and so forth.

It’s about making things better.

Let me go through a list of ways that you can add value…


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1. Save money

Whether it’s for your organisation or a client, one of the best ways to offer value is to save money.

Be on the lookout for inefficiencies in processes… is there any way you can improve time to complete certain processes?

Is there a way you can find or offer a product or service, that is better or less costly, that the one currently used?

There’s many ways of saving your company or clients money, and they’ll love you for it!


2. Make money

All companies like to make money, your own company and those of your clients.

How can you make money for your company, and is there anything you can offer your clients that will result in them making money?

Making money adds to the firms bottom line, and will add value.


3. Improve efficiency

An efficient company brings cost advantages over competition.

It means less cash is spent, and products being made quicker.

The positive feelings that engulf the efficient company, also mean that employees are happy and enjoy coming to work.


4. Improve quality of product/service

We should always be looking for ways to improve our product or service.

Competing purely on price is a dangerous game, and difficult to achieve in this day and age.

Differentiation is the key… how can you build a competitive advantage through a new and improved product or service.


5. Fix an existing problem

Problem solvers are gold in any organisation… whether solving problems internally, or problems for customers.

Problem solvers become the go to person in times of need, they become indispensable.

Solving company problems saves money and improves employee morale.


6. Prevent future problems

Whats better than fixing existing problems… thats right, preventing future problems.

A good employee will understand everything about their job, then question it and identify potential risks.

When high risks are found, we should develop plans to ensure the potential problem isn’t realised.

Senior management will love you for it.

You will be seen as a proactive go getter.


7. Multi-skill

I’m a big believer in multi-skilling.

I hated being in company meetings and not understanding some of the conversations.

Instead of just hiding back into my chair, I made the decision to research everything I thought I wasn’t up to scratch on.

When I didn’t understand what EBITDA was… I researched it to ensure I knew what it meant next time… I could then get involved in more conversations.

Being involved in more conversations, will increase your visibility in any organisation… and add value.


8. Become an expert

Being the expert on something within your organisation or industry, brings so much value.

Again, you’re the go to person for anything regarding this topic.

Who gets rid of an expert?


9. Make quality the key

For everything you do, quality has to be number 1.

If you’re asked to do a report in timescales that don’t make sense, worse still told the quality doesn’t matter… stick to your guns and say you need more time.

Never compromise on quality… for anything.

It might sound silly but even when I’m making a cup of coffee, I need to put the correct amount of milk and sugar in… it has to be the best for me.

A tiny bit over the top, but I believe no matter what you do… be known for producing high levels of quality.


10. Teach others

You should have the idea by know that adding value is all about helping others achieve, so I like the idea of finishing on teaching.

This is one area that most people forget, but I believe we must start giving back.

You’ve been through the process of bettering yourself… don’t forget to help others get to your level.

This not only means that we have high quality employees, customers and friends… but we also have the positive feelings of helping others.

Write a blog or article, do a video, record a podcast… whatever, as long as you are providing others with value.


Adding value is easy when you focus your attention on it.

Let me know below if you have other methods of adding value.


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