There are many ways we can create success, whether it is in your personal or business life.

Here is my list of the core ingredients….

1. Get a Plan


We all have busy lives and with the increases in technological innovations, it seems to me that life will just get busier.

We are all at the mercy of our mobile phones and email and it’s very easy to let these types of technology rule our day, and what we do.

The problem with this is that we live our lives in reaction mode, constantly reacting to the goings on around us at any one time.

The hopes we once had for a better future are forgotten and our lives, or businesses, run on autopilot.

To stop this never-ending circle of repetition we need a plan.

The plan is a list of actions and timescales, that when taken, will ensure you achieve the goal you require.

By planning your actions and setting realistic timescales, you are starting the process of ensuring successful goal achievement.

You are reducing your chances of negative outcome, and concentrating everything you do to achieving.

Planning puts you fully in control of your life.



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2. Long-term perspective


The fact that most of us live in reaction mode, tends to mean that most of us live in the short-term.

We may say that we have certain hopes for the future but these are just words, we never get further than simply casually speaking them every now and then.

Major change tends to take time, which in turn requires long-term commitment.

Life and business is not a sprint, I would even say a marathon is underestimating it somewhat.

The point is that we must understand that having a long-term perspective is a key ingredient to creating success (click to tweet!).

Allocating time to think and consider the future you want to live, gives you the opportunity to get into the details of what it will take to achieve this future.

You will consider a whole range of short-term goals that, put together, will have huge impact on your long-term future.

When you encounter a short-term problem, you will understand that this is one small obstacle on your journey to long-term success.

3. Specific focus


Focus allows us to concentrate on one area we need to improve.

There may be many things that need to change in your personal or work life, but you need to break them down individually and create a plan for correcting each.

It is then important that you then focus your attention on separate areas, giving enough attention that guarantees the desired improvement.

Spreading focus too thinly tends to result in less effort, concentration and generally poorer results in each separate area.

Focusing on one area until successful completion is the best way to go (click to tweet!).

4. Be flexible


Sometimes our best plans don’t exactly turn out as expected, therefore we have to learn to be flexible.

It is important that we set regular reviews of our progress, which gives us the opportunity to assess if adjustments are required.

Flexibility isn’t about changing your plans every two minutes at the drop of a hat.

Instead we need to give our actions a good enough amount of time to assess their effectiveness.

If indeed things are going as you had thought, then its time to be flexible and make some changes in the way you are executing towards you ultimate goals.

As said there are many other ingredient that help us achieve success, but I believe these are the core and have helped me in my personal and business life.

If you think that I’ve left out any important ingredients, please make a comment below to keep the conversation going…



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