If you are anything like me, getting up in a morning can be a challenge.

If I don’t actively follow my wake up plan outlined below, it can take me hours to fully wake up… Which ultimate affects my feelings, positivity and motivation… And the day I’m going have.

Having structured ‘morning me time’ helps me to wake up properly and really jump into my working day.

I’ve gone from giving myself an hour for this, to currently dedicating two hours. It really is that important to me.

Welcome to ‘Morning Me Time’…


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1. 10 minutes Yoga/Stretching


I’m just up and have had a nice glass of water to rehydrate, which I’d prepared the night before… I’m feeling a little groggy and not the best.

The idea of the 10 minute yoga is to nice and slowly get the blood flowing, without too much shock to the system.

I think we all like a good stretch in the morning, and by the end of it I’d consider myself fully awake.


2. Shower Shocker


Next up there’s a nice shower.

Well it starts off as a nice shower, but its really the last 35 seconds that go a long way to waking me up.

As the shower is coming to an end I turn the tap to the cold setting and take this for 15 seconds.

Then its back to hot for 10 seconds, followed by a final 10 seconds of cold before turning off the water.

Whereas before the shower I was merely awake, I am now fully alert!

The shock of the cold water really wakes up your nerve endings and you may be surprised to know that even though you finish with cold water, you feel quite warm when the shower is over.

The grogginess is well and truly a thing of the past and I’m ready for some food.


3. Breakfast and Music


This is simply 15 minutes of preparing my oats and eating them, whilst listening to some music.

My alert senses encourage me to sing my heart out and its possible I manage my first smile of the day…

Today’s going to be a good day.


4. Walk, Breathing Exercises, Thanks and Affirmations


My twenty minute walk around our complex starts with breathing exercises.

I heard the technique from one of Tony Robbins’ tapes years ago, and its another great way to get the blood pumping.

Starting walking at a brisk pace, I take 4 short sharp breaths in through the nose (one break for each step), followed by 4 short sharp out breaths through the mouth.

I find this has a certain meditation feel to it, as my mind is totally clear and only focused on counting the breaths.

Following on from the breaths is the time for being thankful and affirmations.

On what were my in breaths I now verbally speak some positive affirmations, for example ‘My life is great’.

Whilst the out breath is for something is should be thankful for, for example ‘I have a wonderful wife.

The idea is to change the chant as you walk.

‘My life is great, I have a wonderful wife, my life is great, we’re having a little baby’

You get the idea…

Now, there may be a few of you who think this is just a bit weird and to be honest I was a little embarrassed initially… But that subsides when you realise how good it is for you.

You see, I believe we don’t allocate enough of our time to being thankful for the things in our life and take things too much for granted.

This method forces you to consider all things you are grateful for, no matter how small.

You’ll surprise yourself with some of the things you say and it will really warm your heart.

Same should be said for the affirmations. Speaking affirmations builds excitement within you and creates a drive that guarantees success.

Seriously give it a try, you might surprise yourself.

Being too cool for school, doesn’t always have the best impact on you.


5. Reading


Back in the house and I’m feeling really energised, full of good intention and positive about the day.

Now is the time to use this energy for learning.

The books I read at this time must provide me with something I can learn, but don’t need to be strict to a given subject.

One week I could be reading a personal development book, the next a book on venture capital, and the next a book on marketing…

As long as the subject is something I feel can add value to my life, I’ll read it.

The beauty about reading in this way is that it often provides me with something I can use during my day.

The feeling of learning and bettering your life is one of the best you can get (click to tweet!).

You feel that you are in control of your life.

You are broadening your skills and knowledge, and you can achieve anything.

I should also say that I love a cup of coffee, and the reading time starts with a nice big mug!

I see it as a kind of reward for my commitment to starting the day properly

When the two hours of ‘Morning Me Time’ are over I feel great and am ready to beat the day.

There are days that something comes up and I cannot do part, or even all of it.

The impacts on my emotions, patience and even temper can be huge.

It’s really important that we start our days properly.

We owe it to our family, our friends and ourselves.

Take control of your lives and develop some ‘Morning Me Time’ that suits you.

Kick start your morning!



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