A good mission statement and a good set of values announce exactly where you are going, whilst describing the behaviours required to get you there (tweet this!)

The Mission Statement…

An effective mission statement should basically answer how you intend to win business.

This defining question requires companies to make choices about people, investments and resources.

It also prevents the very common mistake of falling into the ‘Be all things for everyone’ trap.

Effective mission statements balance the possible and the impossible.

They provide a clear sense of direction to profitability, whilst also providing the inspiration to feel part of something great and worthwhile.


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To be clear I’m not saying that a mission statement shouldn’t be bold and inspirational.

These qualities should very much be part of a good mission statement, as your mission statement must have the power to excite and motivate your people.

Keep your mission statements specific and descriptive, leave people with no doubt about what the mission is about.

You can get input from anywhere, being sure to listen to the smart people within your organisation.

But ultimately it is the responsibility of top management to finalise the mission, it cannot be delegated to anyone expect the people ultimately held responsible for it.

The Behaviours…

The behaviours included have to be specific and descriptive, they must leave nothing to the imagination.

Your people must be able to use your behaviour standards, fully in the knowledge that doing so will guarantee business success.

Everyone should get involved in the collection of required behaviours.

Getting more involvement will bring you more ideas and suggestions, and more importantly bring you solid buy-in.

The beauty about behaviours is that they need to grow and change as your company grows and changes.

The first version is not the be all and end all.

You should be continually reviewing the behaviours required and updating them regularly.

It is important that the management team are always discussing the required behaviours, and pushing the importance to their team.

Every decision or initiative should be referred back to the behaviours, to ensure they are in line with the direction the business needs to take.

All employees should be given a mission statement that includes the behaviours required, with time dedicated to training and full understanding.

Nothing should be left to chance.

Welcome debate and always look for improvement.

Remember, you can never be too specific about behaviours.

Reward and Recognition…

To really get the mission statement and behaviours instilled within your team, you really need to be rewarding examples of the mission and behaviours being backed up.

Celebrate examples of success that have come about from the team working actively towards your mission and required behaviours… and do this regularly!

You also must immediately hit when employees’ behaviour is not in line with your mission and behaviours.

Give employees the chance to come around, but if you have no success, you don’t really want people that don’t agree with your mission and behaviours in your company.

The Connection is Important…

For a mission statement and behaviours to have the best impact within your organisation, they really need to reinforce each other.

Your company’s behaviours should support the mission… Sounds obvious doesn’t it.


All too often I see examples of a mission statement being created as a tick box exercise, simply just to get it done and out of the way.

There may be a big presentation to the chairman and shareholders and also a company wide meeting to discuss it (usually with some fan fair), only for it to get forgotten and left in a drawer.

Company leaders must take responsibility to ensure their mission statement and behaviours, drive everything and everyone in the direction the firm needs to take.

They should be discussed and updated regularly.

Reviews, KPI’s and company dashboards should be reflective of the behaviours required to support the mission.

Take some time to look at your company mission statement and behaviours.

Are they really as effective as they need to be?

If not you and your team must devote the time required to improve and action.

A good branding professional is worth their weight in gold, should you feel you require external help.

If you need any help and advice with this subject, please contact me through RainbowElite.com or any social media.

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