We live in a world where we are all rushing around living our lives on autopilot.

Do you ever get the feeling you seem to be doing the exact same thing week in week out, and really not getting anywhere in life?

It’s a problem that 90% of the population have. We don’t give ourselves enough time to consider ourselves and what we really want.

Personal goals are so important to life fulfilment, and we all need to increase our priority level for setting personal goals.

Obviously goals can come in all shapes and sizes, but in this post I’m just going to concentrate on small goals to help get you started.


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Why set a personal goal?

Personal achievement will give you the greatest satisfaction in life. It also will have large knock-on effects to other parts of your life.

Whether you live for your job or live for your kids, your first priority should always be yourself.

Many people find this kind of thinking difficult to grasp, but consider this. If you increase your own personal focus and work towards improving yourself and giving yourself more satisfaction, surely the people around you will benefit.

Your increased skill, happiness and general positivity gained through working towards your personal goals, will mean you actually give more to your work, family, etc.

So what personal goal should I choose?

To start, you need to get a list of things you would like to achieve.

A few personal goals on my list currently are:

Learn 900 Chinese characters (reading and writing)
Learn how to snowboard
Write a book
Normally I’d ask you to write as many as you can, but for now try to get a minimum of 5.

These goals could be truly personal to you, but could also involve your family, friends, etc. But try to have at least 3 that are for you personally.

When you have your five look through and select the one that really shouts out to you, and is the one you’d most like to complete.

Hurray, you have your first personal goal.

What’s Next?

Print your personal goal on a few pieces of paper and stick them to a few places around your home so you will see them daily. Good places are your fridge, bathroom mirror, etc.

Constant reminders will keep your motivation fresh and encourage action.

Set yourself a reward for when you have achieved you personal goal, for example a meal in a nice restaurant or maybe buy yourself something nice (spoil yourself!).

Now you have your goal you need to think about what actions are required to ensure you achieve your goal.

For my Chinese characters goal I have a text book with twenty lessons, therefore the actions I have set myself is to complete one lesson per day. I also have an app that tests me on the characters, therefore I know I’ve 100% learnt them

I have been specific to say that I will start each lesson at 19:00 each day, which will form a regular habit. Creating lasting habits is the secret to achieving anything, so be specific with your actions and when you will do them. Create the habit!

As you confirm the actions required you will be able to assign realistic timescales to complete these actions, which in turn will tell you when you will eventually achieve your goal.

Now you know by a certain date you will be able to do, or have done, whatever your personal goal will be.

For example I know that by the 28th of February, I will know how to read and write 900 Chinese characters. Which is pretty cool…

Be sure to share your success with your friends and family, social media is great for this. Sharing your personal goal on social media when you start is also a great way to feel accountable for your personal goal, once you have shared with the world you won’t want to fail in clear view of all.

Sharing your achievements and excitement of achieving will increase your happiness and general motivation.

When you have fully completed your personal goal its time to enjoy your reward. To be honest your true reward is the fact that you have moved your life forward and are fully in control of your destiny, but it’s always nice to have another little reward!

Now it’s time to go back to your list and select your next personal goal.

You may feel that you can include two personal goals this time, or even three. Don’t over commit yourself and always be sure you can realistically complete all actions related to your personal goals, to ensure successful completion and achievement of the goal.

Personal goals will change your life and the way you see the world.

You can either live your life on autopilot, doing the same things and never really getting anywhere.

Or you can get full control of your life and your destiny.

I know which one I prefer… to fully my live to the fullest.

Please share your personal goal for February in the comments below, including the actual goal, actions you must take and timescales to complete.



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3 thoughts on “Biggest thing missing from your life is…..”

  1. Learn 100 new Chinese words before I go to England on the 20th July. Actions to be taken: Complete at least one lesson per week on Rosetta Stone and speak to my girlfriend every day in Chinese.
    Pay off my mortgage this year. Actions to be taken: Set a budget and stick to it.
    Learn how to cook ten new dishes by the end of July. Action: Learn from the online cooking sites on the net.
    Start playing tennis again on a regular basis. Action: Find someone to play tennis against through social media and online forums like The Beijinger.

      1. I’m meeting my personal goals, I set realistic goals and more importantly set required actions to each goals. I’ve learnt over 50 new Chinese words and have been speaking these words to help memorize them. My mortgage will be paid off in August – debt free wow!! Ten new recipes have been cooked, yet to master them but I can cook them and have cooked some for my girlfriends family, cooking is a big part of Chinese culture and it helps me “fit in” being able to show some skills in the kitchen. Tennis starts in September (after my summer holiday in the UK), I’ve found a regular tennis partner at work, I just put the word out there.

        I don’t think achieving goals is difficult , planning and then “actioning” that plan is the key to success, thanks for your help.

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