on 6th January, 2016 by Damian Foster

Your personal brand is all about how the world see’s you.

Its your reputation, trustworthiness, respect and quality guarantee.

It’s what you stand for and what people can expect you will give.

All too often we forget how important our personal brand is.

We must work always be aware of our personal brand, and ensure we are putting our best out there.


Business Level Marketing Course


What You Will Learn


You’ll learn how to build your personal brand.

We’ll look at:

• Where you need to start

• Thinking about yourself as the brand

• The importance of networking

• Building your social presence online

• The importance of continuous learning

• The requirement for hard work.

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Where To Start…


Do What You Love


Look, first things first, when it comes to where you start when considering your personal brand, you need to make sure you are doing what you want to do.

All too often I see people who are constantly moaning about how unhappy they are in their line of work, and to be frank there’s no reason for this.

In this day and age there are numerous opportunities out there to do what you want, theres simply no excuses anymore.

If you don’t like what you’re doing, quit.

Find something that you love… and that’s the key… find something to do that you love to do.

What’s your passion, whats your interests?

We only get one chance in life, and its way too short to spend time sat doing something we hate!

So look, take some time to really consider your current situation… are you happy… what would make you happy.

Then put all of your resources into following a path that allows you to spend your life doing something that you are passionate about.

Believe me, when you’re passionate about something you’re going to get better results.

It adds drive, commitment, resilience.

Working towards a passion, gives you that extra 30 to 40%.

If you love doing what you you do, you’ll win more!


Start Thinking Of Yourself As A Brand


You are the brand


This is an important step that most people miss… it’s important to constantly think about yourself as a brand.

How do you want to be seen, what are you know for, what are you an expert in, what voice do you want to use in all of your communication.

All of these things are super important, and will affect everything you do and say.

When you’re considering your personal brand, you need to start by thinking about your customers.

Who are they, what do they do, what do they like, what do they relate to.

You will then build your personal brand around the things that will appeal most to them.

Your voice and messages will need to relate to your customers in the best way possible.

So spend some time understanding who your customers will be and what you can do to get the best results.




Time To Network


Anyone wanting to improve their personal brand needs to get there brand out there.

This includes attending conferences, meet-ups, connecting online, and so on.

Try to get some speaking engagements which give you the opportunity to share your skills and experiences.

Use online methods to answer questions related to your expertise, and drive people to your website or social media.

Get to know people and make sure they know what you are all about.

Be careful though, this is not just about you.

You need to be focusing on how you can help others… what value can you provide.

So rather than spouting what you can do when you first meet someone, get to know what they do and what difficulties they are experience… what can you do to improve their current situation.


Build Your Online Presence


Online presence


Any expert will have a blog where they share their quality content, create videos and training courses, and make full use of the online tools available.

Which tools should you be using… ALL OF THEM.

Use as much as you can.

There may be many options out there, but there’s also many great tools that lot you automate or be more efficient when it comes to managing your online presence.

Work on your social networks, share motivation, experiences and thoughts.

Join question and answer sites, and provide answers that fit your niche… always driving traffic back to your site.

Create case studies of your experiences for others to see, share your successes.

Ultimately you need to communicate with good quality content, and you need to do it often.

Always consider what value you are providing your audience before you click the button to communicate… ADD VALUE!


Keep Learning


Keep learning


The world we live in is always changing, therefore any expert needs to keep there finger on the pulse in their niche.

Losing focus will mean that all of a sudden you are behind in your knowledge, and are no longer seen as an expert… people will stop listening.

Therefore its essential that you commit to continuously learning.

Keep reading, subscribe to blogs of experts in your fields, and join industry relevant websites.

Keep up to date with the latest goings on in your field, and be the first to share these and your thoughts.


Work, work, work


Hard work wins


Like anything, all this depends on how much your willing to put into it.

Only want to put a modest amount of time into building your personal brand, you’ll get modest results.

So what I’d say is put the effort it.

Hustle as much as you can.

Commit, commit, commit.

Be clear about are the daily, weekly, monthly tasks that you need to do, to ensure your personal brand is at its best… and do them… do them well!


To Wrap It Up


Building a personal brand takes hard work, time and commitment… but the results are immense.

Having a solid personal brand means people seek you out, people want to listen to you.

More opportunities will come you way, which in turn will bring more success.
Make the commitment to your personal brand today, and start seeing immediate results.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know by completing the boxes at the bottom of this page…




2 thoughts on “Build Your Personal Brand
on 6th January, 2016 by Damian Foster”

  1. Very useful post, particularly for startups and SME’s (my company’s bread and butter). I particularly like the first point, that you should make sure you do something you’re passionate about. Most great businesses started with a simple passion. If I could give the younger me one piece of advice that would be it – stick to what you love doing, become one of the best at it, and eventually you can make money doing it and enjoy every second.

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