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Marketing is so much more than simple advertising...

It's time to take control of your development...

Marketing is often thought of in terms of simple advertising... But it's so much more!

This course is designed to provide you with a solid grasp of the full subject that is Business Level Marketing... The objectives are...

  • Provide a strategic understanding fo the marketing management process
  • Understand the analystical process used to identify opportunities and threats in the firms environment
  • Understand how to segment and target markets
  • Learn how to position products
  • Develop appropriate marketing stategies
  • Prepare strategic marketing programmes
  • Understand the Four P's of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)
  • Understand the activities and organisational structures required to implement, monitor and control strategic marketing programmes

"I thought my marketing skills were limited... I was right!"

Ok, so I knew my marketing skills were limited, and how right I was. Working through this course has helped me develop into a solid marketing professional, which is helping me grow my business in ways I never thought possible

Phil - Business Owner (Malaysia)

"Now I can get involved in marketing conversations in board meetings!"

As a finance professional I always felt a little out of touch when discussions came to marketing in board meetings. Therefore I wanted a course that would allow me to gain a better understanding of the details of marketing, to help me get more involved... This course was perfect!

Gordon - Chief Operating Officer (Ireland)

Over 12 hours of marketing video content

This course is packed solid with over 12 hours of marketing video content, providing you with quality marketing information you need to drive you and your business forward... Nothing is left out!

Many 'Aha' moments!

When you have completed your course, you will wander how you ever managed before. 

As you go through the course you will encounter many 'Aha' moments, that will help you understand why certain things need to happen. No longer will you be asking the question 'Why do they do that', or 'How do I do this'.

Marketing is so much more than simple promotion/advertising

Many people claim to be marketing experts, but when you dig further you find that they are experts in the area of advertising. Now, this isn't a problem. But you need to realise that advertising is just one departmental functions of marketing... There's much more to business level marketing... Don't miss out!

Who is the course for?

Whether you are a experienced business professional of starting out in your career, this course will bring you positive results. 

You might own your own business, work within an organisation, or be studying... either way, this course will grow your understanding of the broad topic of marketing and give you the edge over your competition.

Part 1: An Overview of Marketing

Module 1 The Marketing Management Process
          Unit 1 Introduction To The Marketing Management Process  
          Unit 2 A Few Important Marketing Points  

Module 2 Corporate Strategies And Their Marketing Implications
          Unit 1 Three Levels Of Strategy  
          Unit 2 Marketing Implications Of Corporate Strategy Decisions  

Module 3 Business Strategies And Their Marketing Implications
          Unit 1 Business-Unit Level Strategic Decisions  
          Unit 2 How Do Businesses Compete?  
          Unit 3 Differences In Competitive Strategies  
          Unit 4 Appropriate Strategies  
          Unit 5 How Business Strategies Influence Marketing Decisions

Part 2: Opportunity Analysis

Module 4 Environmental Analysis - Finding Those Attractive Markets
          Unit 1 Introduction To Macro-Environmental Trends  
          Unit 2 Environmental Analysis And Marketing Decision Making  

Module 5 Industry Analysis And Competitive Advantage
          Unit 1 Markets And Industries             
          Unit 2 How Individuals Respond To New Products  
          Unit 3 Sustaining Competitive Advantage Over The Product Life Cycle  

Module 6 Consumer Buying Behaviour
          Unit 1 The Decision Making Process  
          Unit 2 Why People Buy Different Things - Part 1  
          Unit 3 Why People Buy Different Things – Part 2  

Module 7 Organisational Markets And Buying Behaviour
          Unit 1 Organisational Customers  
          Unit 2 How Organisational Members Make Purchase Decisions  
          Unit 3 Different Goods and Services, And Different Marketing Programmes  

Module 8 Forecasting And Market Research
          Unit 1 A Forecasters Toolkit  
          Unit 2 Why Marketing Research  
          Unit 3 Marketing Research Process  

Module 9 Market Segmentation And Target Marketing
          Unit 1 How Market Segments Are Defined  
          Unit 2 Choosing Attractive Market Segments: A Five-Step Process  
          Unit 3 Targeting Strategies And Global Market Segmentation  

Module 10 Positioning
          Unit 1 Differentiation  
          Unit 2 The Foundation Of Marketing Strategies: The Brand Positioning Process

Part 3: Marketing Programme Decisions

Module 11 The Four P's Of Marketing - Product Decisions
          Unit 1 Product Design Decisions For Competitive Advantage  
          Unit 2 Managing Product Lines  
          Unit 3 New Product Development Process Decisions  

Module 12 The Four P's Of Marketing - Pricing Decisions
          Unit 1 Product Design Decisions For Competitive Advantage  
          Unit 2 Determining The Appropriate Price Level  
          Unit 3 Pricing Structure: Adapting Prices To Market Variations  

Module 13 The Four P's Of Marketing - Distribution (Place) Decisions
          Unit 1 Designing Distribution Channels  
          Unit 2 Distribution Channel Institutions  
          Unit 3 Objectives And The Best Distribution Channel  
          Unit 4 Channel Design For Global Markets  
          Unit 5 Channel Management Decisions  

Module 14 The Four P's Of Marketing - Promotion Decisions
          Unit 1 The Promotion Mix  
          Unit 2 Promotional Decision Making

Part 4: Strategic Marketing Programmes For Selected Situations

Module 15 Marketing Strategies For New Market Entries
          Unit 1 Market Entry Strategies  
          Unit 2 Strategic Marketing Programmes for Pioneers  

Module 16 Marketing Strategies For Growth Markets
          Unit 1 Market Entry Strategies  
          Unit 2 Growth Market Strategies for Market Leaders  
          Unit 3 Share Growth Strategies for Followers  

Module 17 Marketing Strategies For Mature And Declining Markets
          Unit 1 Strategic Choices in Mature Markets  
          Unit 2 Marketing Strategies for Mature Markets  
          Unit 3 Strategies For Declining Markets

Part 5: Implementation And Control

Module 18 Organising And Planning For Effective Implementation
          Unit 1 Designing Administrative Relationships For The Implementation Of Competitive Strategies  
          Unit 2 Designing Appropriate Organisational Structures & Processes for Implementing Strategies  
          Unit 3 Marketing Plans  

Module 19 Measuring And Delivering Marketing Performance
          Unit 1 Designing Marketing Metrics  
          Unit 2 Design Decisions For Strategic Monitoring Systems And For Marketing Performance Management           Unit 3 The Marketing Audit

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