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Module 1The Marketing Management Process
Unit 1Introduction To The Marketing Management Process
Unit 2A Few Important Marketing Points
Module 2Corporate Strategies And Their Marketing Implications
Unit 1Three Levels Of Strategy
Unit 2Marketing Implications Of Corporate Strategy Decisions
Module 3Business Strategies And Their Marketing Implications
Unit 1Business-Unit Level Strategic Decisions
Unit 2How Do Businesses Compete?
Unit 3Differences In Competitive Strategies
Unit 4Appropriate Strategies
Unit 5How Business Strategies Influence Marketing Decisions
Module 4Environmental Analysis - Finding Those Attractive Markets
Unit 1Introduction To Macro-Environmental Trends
Unit 2Environmental Analysis And Marketing Decision Making
Module 5Industry Analysis And Competitive Advantage
Unit 1Markets And Industries
Unit 2How Individuals Respond To New Products
Unit 3Sustaining Competitive Advantage Over The Product Life Cycle
Module 6Consumer Buying Behaviour
Unit 1The Decision Making Process
Unit 2Why People Buy Different Things - Part 1
Unit 3Why People Buy Different Things – Part 2
Module 7Organisational Markets And Buying Behaviour
Unit 1Organisational Customers
Unit 2How Organisational Members Make Purchase Decisions
Unit 3Different Goods and Services, And Different Marketing Programmes
Module 8Forecasting And Market Research
Unit 1A Forecasters Toolkit
Unit 2Why Marketing Research
Unit 3Marketing Research Process
Module 9Market Segmentation And Target Marketing
Unit 1How Market Segments Are Defined
Unit 2Choosing Attractive Market Segments: A Five-Step Process
Unit 3Targeting Strategies And Global Market Segmentation
Module 10Positioning
Unit 1Differentiation
Unit 2The Foundation Of Marketing Strategies: The Brand Positioning Process
Module 11The Four P's Of Marketing - Product Decisions
Unit 1Product Design Decisions For Competitive Advantage
Unit 2Managing Product Lines
Unit 3New Product Development Process Decisions
Module 12The Four P's Of Marketing - Pricing Decisions
Unit 1Product Design Decisions For Competitive Advantage
Unit 2Determining The Appropriate Price Level
Unit 3Pricing Structure: Adapting Prices To Market Variations
Module 13The Four P's Of Marketing - Distribution (Place) Decisions
Unit 1Designing Distribution Channels
Unit 2Distribution Channel Institutions
Unit 3Objectives And The Best Distribution Channel
Unit 4Channel Design For Global Markets
Unit 5Channel Management Decisions
Module 14The Four P's Of Marketing - Promotion Decisions
Unit 1The Promotion Mix
Unit 2Promotional Decision Making
Module 15Marketing Strategies For New Market Entries
Unit 1Market Entry Strategies
Unit 2Strategic Marketing Programmes for Pioneers
Module 16Marketing Strategies For Growth Markets
Unit 1Market Entry Strategies
Unit 2Growth Market Strategies for Market Leaders
Unit 3Share Growth Strategies for Followers
Module 17Marketing Strategies For Mature And Declining Markets
Unit 1Strategic Choices in Mature Markets
Unit 2Marketing Strategies for Mature Markets
Unit 3Strategies For Declining Markets
Module 18Organising And Planning For Effective Implementation
Unit 1Designing Administrative Relationships For The Implementation Of Different Competitive Strategies
Unit 2Designing Appropriate Organisational Structures And Processes for Implementing Different Strategies
Unit 3Marketing Plans
Module 19Measuring And Delivering Marketing Performance
Unit 1Designing Marketing Metrics
Unit 2Design Decisions For Strategic Monitoring Systems And For Marketing Performance Management
Unit 3The Marketing Audit

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