There’s a disease hitting people worldwide causing millions to fail, what is it?


Every failure has this disease, and it explains the difference between people going places, and people that aren’t.

One thing that I’ve learnt about successful people, is that they are less likely to make excuses and display this disease.

But the people who struggle through life, fail, or even never get started, tend to have the disease at its most advanced state.

They’re very quick to explain why they haven’t, why they don’t, why they can’t and why they aren’t.


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The problem with excusitis is that if not treated, it get worse… much worse!

Victims are constantly looking for reasons for their failure or expected failure… Bad luck, lack of finances, too young, the list goes on.

Once the victim has their excuse, they tell anyone and everyone their misfortune.

The more they say it, the deeper it gets and the more convinced they become of its truth.

Initially the victim is well aware that the excuse lacks truth, but through repetition the excuse becomes real to them.

It gains strength and takes hold their complete belief system, which controls their actions and their ultimate future.

We need to be honest with ourselves and catch our excusitis before it takes hold of our lives.

Whenever you feel an excuse coming along, attack it head on.

Ask yourself if this excuse is true, or are you simply looking for a way out.

You need to assess the actions and decisions that provided the result of the situation you are currently in.

What mistakes did you make, what could you have done better, how do you ensure the next time provides better results.

The problem with excusitis is that you accept too many bad things happening in your life, instead of determining why they’re happening and what you need to do to ensure they don’t happen again.

Start seeing everything as a positive situation that you can learn from.

Interest and enthusiasm, are critical success factors of life.

Start seeing things as what you can do, and what you will do.

When things don’t go right, commit yourself to learning from mistakes and working out how to improve next time.

Acknowledge your improvement, and after time your excusitis will be extinct… never to return.

Nothing ever happens down to luck.

If we evaluate properly we notice that a series of actions, decisions and effort,  provided the results we have experienced.

No more will the excuse of bad luck hold you back.

We make our own luck… Go out and create your own good luck, and beat excusitis.






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