To relate effectively in business or personal life, you need to learn to listen properly.

When we stop listening, others stop trying to talk to you.

You miss out on plenty of value, simply because others don’t want to waste their time explaining to someone who just won’t listen… Why waste my time!

But, guess what… you don’t know everything!

Yes you may be at the top of your game and pretty experienced, but there’s always something new… another angle.

Listening involves respect, patience, openness and the willingness to understand.

How many times have your gone into a conversation, just hoping to get through it as quickly as possible and not really taking much notice.

You know what… its rude.

And eventually all you’ll get back, is people being rude right back to you.


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So first and foremost you need to build that willingness to listen.

Let the other person have the first say.

And a good way to really listen, is to ensure you always repeat back the main points the other party has communicated.

Even better if you can also through in some benefits to show you are actually considering whats being said.

As I said, you don’t know everything.

And we can learn from everyone.

So open up those ears, and use them for what they were designed for!

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