I often get asked ‘How long it will take for me to succeed’?

It seems to be the number 1 question when it comes to people just starting out in business or entrepreneurship.

Obviously, this is a question we can’t simply answer with a given timescale.

There are many things to consider.

First of all it depends where you currently are, what you want, and what you’ve done in your past.

If you’ve worked hard up to this moment, studied, networked, built a good reputation, and so on… you have a head start.

But if you’ve not done any of these things, its going to take a little longer.

Now, don’t be put off by that… this doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed.

I’m simply saying that by already doing the things I mentioned, will put you quite a way further up the road to success than not doing them.


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What’s also important is that you need to understand that its going to take a hell of a lot of work to succeed… I’d say at least five times as much as you expect.

Initially you may be working long hours, reading books, attending seminars, etc… anything to enhance your skills, experience and knowledge.

There’ll be times when you want to quit, but you can’t if you want to succeed.

You have to keep motivated, resilient and determined… very important.

You need to have a vision… what goals and objectives are you working towards?… what are you looking to achieve?

You might say that this sounds too difficult, but I’d say to you that you have two choices.

You can either experience the pain of working towards success, or you can experience the pain of continuing to experience your current life.

The positive about experiencing the pain of working toward success, will bring you long term happiness and comfort.

I know which I’d prefer.

If you’re improving and on the right road, you feel better and have a positive outlook.

Now, when you start out things are going to be tough.

Not only do you have to contend with your own self doubts, but you have to content with the doubts and negative comments from your friends and family.

I suggest that you take the time to sit down with your family and explain fully what you plan to do and why.

Explain the success you want to achieve and what it will mean to everyone.

But also explain the challenges and difficulties related to starting on this journey.

It’s going to take a lot of your time, cash may be short at the beginning and personal time may be reduced.

If you discuss things openly and honestly, you will get buy in from everyone which will make the ride much more comfortable and stress reduced.

On your way to success you’re going to be met with numerous rejections but don’t let these slow you down.

Remember, every new rejection is taking you one rejection closer to a yes!

Become obsessed with your success, obsessed with your journey.

This will help you on the cold early mornings, when things haven’t been going your way.

Your obsession will help you believe that things are due to change for you very shortly.

Stop thinking in terms of doing just the minimum, because doing just the minimum isn’t going to get you to success quickly.

Instead, think in terms of doing as much as possible!

As you grow, you will achieve more success.

Your income and revenue levels will spike, and you will be in a position where you can hire people to take away some of your responsibilities.

Freeing up your time to focus on specific tasks to grow your business, or spend more time with your family and friends.

You’ll start seeing the results of all your hard work… of all your pain.

Actually this hasn’t been pain at all… this has been what working hard feels like… and it feels good long term!

So, how long will it take to succeed?

I can’t answer that will a timescale…

But I can say that by following my advice, success will come to you quicker!



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