Look, we all get frustrated.

We’ve taken the time to plan out our future and things seem to be going well… then all of a sudden, something knocks us off our tracks.

The issue here is that most people allow this frustration to defeat them, to put them back to where they don’t want to be.


Instead we need to expect frustrations in our journey… after all nothing worth having is easy!

I’ve outlined below a few of the things I like to work consider or work on when I encounter frustration.


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1. What are the alternatives


All too often when we’re frustrated, we don’t take the time to consider the alternative path… the path we were on before that we didn’t like!

We simply go back to the old ways we did things, and the cycle goes on and on.

Instead when we become frustrated, we need to take the time to understand what is the alternative.

When we do this we remind ourselves of the negatives associated with the alternative path, and the fact that it hasn’t worked out for us in the past.

This will help you bite down and divert your attention to overcoming your frustrations in a positive, can do way.

Reminding yourself of the alternative, will make the frustration appear much more manageable and workable.


2. What is your vision


Once you’ve worked out that the alternative isn’t going to work for you, its time to get back to your vision.

You need to remind yourself of who you want to become, why you are doing this, what will success eventually look like and give you.

Basically you need to realign yourself with your ultimate goals and objectives.

Consider what actions are required of this successful person and ensure you are following these actions daily.

What skills and attitude do you need and are you working to improve your attitude or obtain these skills… if not, develop a plan to do so.

Don’t be afraid to adjust your vision if required.

Adjustments are almost always necessary when you are working towards your ultimate goals… as you learn and experience more, you will find better ways of doing things.


3. Look for solutions


You really need commit to being a solution person.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that whenever you encounter any problems, issues or frustrations, you’ll immediately work your brain into solutions mode.

You find that the wasted minutes or hours you spend worrying, is spent putting your brain to work… looking for solutions!

Mastering this will change your life.

Having a solution based mindset, gives you a different objective on life.

No longer will you be a moaning and complainer… instead everything you encounter is an opportunity for you to make your mark… to make things better.

Not only is this good for you… but it’s great for everyone you know!


4. Don’t give up


This might seem obvious after what I’ve said, but I feel it warrants a mention.

Giving up achieves nothing.

Yes you can alter your approach, but don’t give up…

I’ve heard of and see many examples of people giving up when they are so close to success.

All they needed to do was go on and battle through their frustrations for one more week and they would have achieved much of what they wanted… but they quit!

When you get the thoughts that you want to quit, remind yourself that you are so close to achieving.

You just need to keep going… you need to believe in yourself and your approach.

Follow the steps here and I guarantee you’ll win soon!


5. Celebrate frustration


‘What’ you might be saying, ‘Celebrate frustration!’.

Yes, celebrate frustration and come to expect it.

Frustration gives you the opportunity to asses your progress.

Whats causing the frustration, how can we overcome this frustration, what do we need to do.

It allows you to consider your current position and what you need to change to drive yourself forward.

So the next time you encounter frustration, say to yourself ‘ok, I expected this’… and hit the frustration head on.


Frustrations can immobilise you if you let them.

But you can very easily use your frustrations to your advantage.

Evaluate your frustrations, learn from them, and put actions in place to minimise them.

Your frustrations can help you gain success quicker.


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