Getting press articles written about you in most publications is tough, especially when you’re not a huge company.

This often puts smaller firms and startups at a great disadvantage when getting their business and products out to the wider market.

But there are ways that you can get your company name and new products published for free…


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What You Will Learn


This article will provide you with a tested and proven method for getting articles about your business or new product launches for free.

We’ll cover:

• Research

• Tips to writing your articles

• How to communicate with publications

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Research Which Publications Serve Your Market


Get published for free


First things first, you need to know which publications serve your market, and how your message needs to be tailored to serve their needs.

If you don’t already know which publications you need to focus on, a quick look on the internet will provide you with a list.

Simply type in the industry/product type into google along with publications/magazines… and you’re away.


How Do These Publications Write?


Writing style


Next we need to determine the writing style of the publications, and the types of articles they like to include.

You’re doing this because you’re going to write yourself an article for this magazine, and you need to give yourself the best chance of the publication being willing to include it.

Things to look out for include:

• How do they write their articles

• What structures do they use?

• How many words do they use?

• How do they layout articles

• How many images do they use?

You get the idea…


Time to start writing

Time to start writing


Now you’re going to use everything you learned in your research.

If the publication normally publishes articles with around 150 words in, then your article needs to be in the 150 word limit.

If the publications articles like to give plenty of information about the products usage and benefits, you know what you need to do.

They don’t like to include names of owners… don’t include names of owners.

It really is that straight forward.

Obviously you will have a list of things you would like to include in your articles and a message you want to get across… but you must follow the style of the publication.

Once you have an article, send on to a few people in your team and let them have a read through.

Ask them also to read through the articles you’ve used for research and get their feedback.

Do they feel the style is close enough?

If not, rewrite… if so, you’re good to go.


Time To Communicate With The Publications


Communicate with the publications


So you have your articles, now is the time to send over the chosen publications.

Most magazines have a telephone number of email you can contact to submit news, stories, etc.

My approach is first send them an email.

The subject line will be a simple as ‘Complete Article for xxx Magazine’.

I also try to keep the message a simple as possible too, check out my example below.



Please let me introduce myself… I’m Damian Foster, CEO of xxx, and an avid reader of your publication/magazine.

Let me get straight to the point…

I’ve written an article about my company/new product that I think is great for your publication, and obviously for us!

We’ve written the article in a style very similar to your articles ‘article name’ published on xxx, and ‘article name’ published on xxx… therefore I think you’ll be happy that they fit with the voice you guys use.

I’ve attached the article so please do take a look, and feel free to use it in your publication.

I am also happy if you would like to make some changes, and am more than willing to provide more information should you require… just give me a call or mail me at the contact details below.

Thanks again




Look, the point here is that most publications are super busy and are always looking around for good articles… even better if they have one already written.

Will they use the article you sent?… maybe.

If you’ve followed your research, you’ve got an even better chance of them wanting to make a few amendments of request more information from you… the ball is rolling!

A day of so after I’ve sent the mail, I will normally contact the news desk to ask them if they’ve received my email and ask for feedback.

Now, you may have to be pushy here, as most people will be busy and simple say they’ll get back to you.

Don’t accept this and make sure you give the person on call as much information about your article as possible… and why they will benefit from it.

Try to get timescales from them when they will check it… and hold them to it.

Keep pushing.


To Wrap It Up


This is a long a committed process… but we know that nothing worth having is easy.

A day put towards this process can provide you with thousands of dollars worth of advertising in a major industry publication… at no cost to you.

Don’t just send to one publication, chose at least 5 and try to hit 10.

The more you hit, the more chance of success you have.

Getting an article published in a magazine is always much better than advertisement.

We are always more willing to read and trust something told to us by someone else… after all the article will have written by !





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