Almost every company I’ve worked with has no process for what happens when their salespeople are put through to a voicemail system.

Do we leave a message or not?

Well the simple answer is, of course you do… don’t waste the cost of a call!

The secret to leaving voicemails on sales calls is to keep it as simple as possible.

You don’t want to be giving too much information.

I’ve received voicemails where the guy has told me all about their product, what it can do for me and how much it will cost… but thats a big mistake.

Problem here is that there’s no two way communication.

I simply can object to his product without having to get into a sales conversation.

I’ll make a mental note of the persons name, product and company, and ensure his call doesn’t come through.

The limited information he’s given me has made up my mind.

Put simply, voicemail is not a tool for explaining your offer.



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What You Will Learn


• How to leave a voicemail on a cold prospect call

• How to leave a voicemail when calling for a scheduled appointment

• How to leave a voicemail when calling back after a meeting no show.

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1. The cold prospect voicemail


‘Hi Steve this is Damian, give me a call on when you have two minutes… thanks’.

That’s all you need!

This example means that you are giving very little information to your cold prospect.

You are building a certain amount of curiosity and interest, instead of building reasons not to call you back.

Keeping it simple like this, will increase your call backs.

Once the cold prospect returns your call, then you can get into your sales script as part of a two way conversation.

Leave the best voicemails


2. Calling for a scheduled appointment


So you’ve set up an appointment with a prospect, but when you call they don’t answer… frustrating eh?

Here’s what you need to say…

‘Hi Steve this is Damian… It’s 10am and I’m calling for the appointment we set when we emailed yesterday… Give me a call back as soon as you can on and we can crack on with the call… thanks’

Again you should be noticing something here… simplicity.

There’s simply no reason why you’d start throwing the valuable information you have for your potential client over voicemail, save that for when you get them on the call.

Here you’re making the point that you have an appointment agreed at a given time, so you are appealing general respect and politeness… no one likes to let someone down.

And you’re asking for a call back asap.



3. Day after telephone meeting no show


So your potential client hasn’t got back to you, but you need to give it one more try.

Most people here will revert to email, but I suggest you should always try the call first… even better, try outside of normal office hours!

If you get through to the voicemail again, here’s what you need to say.

‘Hi Steve, this is Damian again… I’m following up as you missed our scheduled call set for 10am yesterday… Look I get that you are busy, but what I want to discuss with you is important and maybe help with your workload… Give me a call back on … , if I don’t hear from you I’ll assume that this may not be for you and I’ll cross you off from my list and wish you the very best… Hope to hear from you’.

Here, again you start with the fact that a call had been agreed and the other person had gone against their word.

You then move on to show consideration that the other person has a busy schedule, but you have something that can help with that… leaving your number if they’re still interested.

The reason you are finishing by saying you’ll take them off the list if they’re not interested, is that this can lead to the prospect feeling like they are being left out of something.

You’d be surprised at how many people will bite here and call you back.


Leave voicemails which guarantee callbacks


To Wrap Things Up


Look, ultimately sales is a difficult job.

To do it right you really need the prospective client to be on the call with you, having a two way conversation.

But that doesn’t mean you simply hang up when you are through to voicemail.

Instead, you need to start leaving voicemails.

Keep it simple and you’ll start getting call backs from prospective clients.



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