I’ve lost count of the times I’ve had someone sit with me and complain that they don’t have x, or can’t do y.

When I ask them what they’ve done to achieve these things, I’m staggered by the lack of action.

‘Why do so and so always seem to have a new car?’

Probably because they’ve worked hard to get that car… I’ve not heard of anyone giving away free cars recently, so it must be the working hard thing!

Sitting on your backside moaning that you’re not getting something, is not getting you any closer to actually getting anything.

It’s a simple lesson, and people have been saying it for centuries…


If you don’t sow anything, guess what… you’re not going to reap anything.


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The next time you find yourself asking yourself why you don’t have something, follow up with the question ‘What actions have I taken to get this something?’

An even better follow up is to get you pen and paper out and create a list of goals and actions that detail what you need to do to get this something.

Now you are starting the process of deserving. Doors won’t open unless you knock on them, so start knocking!

Taking action is putting you on the road to deserving, which will ultimately get you to destination achieving. It’s easy.

A challenge for you…

Write one thing that you want. Be realistic, it must be something that you can realistically achieve considering your current situation. Also best to keep it simple, an example would be ‘read a book’.

Then list a minimum of 3 things you need to do to ensure you achieve this goal.

For our book example the 3 things are:

Research online which book I’d like to read

Buy book
Plan one hour per day to read a minimum of 20 pages each day
Believe it or not if you have a book with 240 pages, you will have read this book within 12 days… Amazing.

This works with everything!

Get yourself into the thinking of ‘We get what we deserve’, and you life will change forever… and for the better.

I would love it if you would share with me below in your comments the goal you have chosen, your actions to achieve, timescales, and ultimately when you have achieved.



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