It’s always a shame to see good employees leave the company, and we must understand why they are leaving.

The impact on a company’s effectiveness and performance when a good performer is lost can have lasting problems on the business.

You lose the results that they were achieving, and it takes time to recruit and train a replacement… and get them to the level of the leaver.

As always, prevention is better than the cure.

We need to stop the good ones leaving in the first place.


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This post will help you with the following:

• Understand why we lose good employees

• Techniques to ensure good employees are happy, and the last thing on their mind it to leave

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Recognise Contribution And Reward Good Work




This is an area that over time we tend to forget.

Often we get use to an employees good performance, and our praise just peters out.

Slowly but surely the employee starts to feel undervalued.

You’ve praised the under-performer for a slight improvement, but not praised the top performer for their (expected) over performance.

You’ve not meant to do this, but you’ve fell into the mistake of getting use to the overachievement and stopped giving recognition.

It’s important therefore that you regularly praise and recognise good performance, regardless of whether it is a one off or a regular thing.

We all like to feel that we are doing a good job… we all like to see our work recognised by others.

Make sure you have a system and process in place that rewards ALL good performance, which is consistent and regular.


Develop Employees Skills


Develop your staff


Investing in our people is a key part of improving our businesses.

It increases our efficiencies, which affects our costs, which in turn provides us with more profit.

The more we focus on our employees’ development, the more we increase their organisational commitment.

No development, leads to complacency, boredom, and thoughts of finding that missing thing elsewhere.

Every employee should have a clear, detailed development plan.

Where do they want to go, how do they see their skills improving, what job are they aiming for?

Having a plan provides employees with a goal, and a clear direction of how to get there… employees feel they are moving… they are going somewhere.


Encourage Creativity And Ideas


Creativity Wins


Being creative gets the juices flowing.

You’re in ideas mode, and you’re focusing all your efforts on solution.

There’s no time for negative thinking, because your brain power is taken up by being creative.

There’s no chance of boredom.

Holding regular brainstorming sessions and encouraging employees to come forward with their ideas, will move your company forward.

Create a suggestions box, and encourage all employees to provide feedback on what they think isn’t working too well.

Create the culture of not hiding from problems, instead embracing them and looking for solutions.

Believe me, this will improve the whole feeling of your companies.


Loosen The Reins


Loosen The Reins


All too often I see management teams that are too strict and rigid.

Employees are not allowed to think for themselves, instead expected to follow strict rules and regulations.

Yes there are some jobs where this is necessary, but there should always be some scope for using your own brain.

Ownership and responsibility can be a great motivator.

Giving employees a little more freedom to manage and own their own work and projects, always improves a business.

Managers should always be there to support and guide, helping employees to achieve their goals.


Don’t Overwork Your Staff


Dont overwork your employees


Overworking employees is a big reason for leavers.

I’ve seen it in many businesses.

Initially a team may be excited by the increased workload and excitement of a new project.

They may even thrive on the fact that they are working so hard.

But over time we start to see energy levels drop, which in turn starts to affect performance.

Decision making is severely impacted and stress levels reach maximum levels.

Before you know it you’re sat in an office with your good performer and they’re saying ‘I love my job but I’m just too tired to do it anymore, I need to find something else’.

You might try to talk them around, but the damage has been done.

They’re exhausted… Their personal and family life has taken a hit… Its time for them to go.

Therefore, its essential that you monitor the work levels of all of your employees.

Be realistic when it comes to daily working times.

Ensure your managers assess the energy levels of your staff.

Ensure your employees take their holidays… no carrying over of holidays!

Recharging your batteries is important.


Do What You Promised


Keep your promises


Over promising and not delivering on promises is a sure road to losing good employees.

Its important not to over promise, so don’t get caught up in the excitement at the beginning.

Be realistic, open and honest.

Be specific when you are committing, misunderstandings can also be a huge problem here.

Simply detail your expectations, and then be clear about the rewards employees can achieve.

There should be no ‘we might’ or ‘we could’… this helps no one.

Clarity is key when it comes to making commitments and promises.


To Wrap It Up


You’ve spent time and effort recruiting, training and getting good employees to the level that they’re at, therefore you need to ensure you are doing everything possible to make sure they stay.

I recommend that you take some time with your management team and consider all the points above… where are you falling down and how can you improve.

Make this important to everyone, right the way through your firm.

Prevention is better than the cure.

If you have any questions or would like to add anything, please leave a comment below… it’s always great to hear your thoughts!





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