First, it might be an idea to clear up the definitions of organisational commitment and Job involvement…

Organisational commitment is the strength of an employees devotion to their employer

I suppose you could say, the committed employee would defend their employer in the face of criticism.

Job Involvement is the degree to which employees identify with their job, participate actively in it, and consider it to be a key determinant of their self worth

I’m sure you can see why its important for business leaders and managers to work on raising organisational commitment and job involvement.

Manager wishing to do so can do the following…


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1. Demonstrate you actual care for your employees welfare


Both commitment and involvement depend on a durable strong, positive personal connection between the employee and the firm’s actions.

Ensure you’re not too busy to demonstrate care and concern for your employee welfare.


2. Create opportunities for employees to achieve personal goals


First and foremost managers need to be clear when it comes to business goals, and employees’ personal goals.

You need to understand the personal goals of your employees, and attempt to work them into your organisational or team objectives.

If an employee wants more responsibility, the manager should consider redesigning the employees job to make it more challenging.


3. Modify jobs so employees can experience more intrinsic rewards.


Nowadays, more and more employees want greater personal control in their work.

Effective management involves including employees in discussions and decision making, satisfying the need for involvement.


4. Find ways to reward and interact with employees regularly


Creating more opportunities to reward and interact with employees, creates a driven and success focused team.

Managers that surface only when problems present themselves, associate themselves with negative outcomes like punishment and criticism.

Therefore find ways to celebrate small successes frequently, ensuring you interact with the team to celebrate in these successes together.


5. Set goals with employees and include personal development goals


Yes managers need to ensure goals fit the overall goals and objectives of the organisation, but it is essential to include employees in goal setting.

Involved employees become psychologically involved in goals when they feel they have played an active role in their creation, they have buy in.

Including personal development goals shows employees you care about their future, and provides your organisation with a better long term skill base.



Increasing organisational commitment and job involvement isn’t as difficult as it sounds, but it needs complete buy in from the senior management team.

Small actions have big impacts, and every decision needs to consider the impact on both organisational commitment and job involvement… How will this decision impact the two.

This regularly thought to the two will build  a culture of employees being first, which will result in better performance, efficiencies, and success.

How do you improve your firms organisational commitment and job involvement?… Comment below please…

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