Ten Minute Hit
Episode 3: Change Your Limiting Beliefs


Today’s episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’ is the second day of the mini-series of episodes focusing on creating lasting change in your life.

In yesterdays episode we spoke about the three steps required to create lasting change:

1. Raise your standards

2. Change you limiting beliefs

3. Change your strategy

Todays episode focuses on step 2, change your limiting beliefs.

For any change to last we have to be aware of our belief system, the beliefs that control our lives.

Our beliefs are so important, they guide our lives… Beliefs are our personal guiding system.

They tell us how things are, what to do, how to react, what we can and can’t do…

Our beliefs shape our feelings… With the ability to make us either super positive, or super negative.

Sometimes I’ve noticed that the beliefs that are limiting people aren’t always their own beliefs, instead they are beliefs they have picked up through reading something or listening to someone… worse still, it could be a belief from a misunderstanding.

It’s really dangerous to live our lives based around these types of beliefs.

We need to understand that we are in charge of our own belief system, it’s up to us to manage it, fill it with quality research, and to clean it regularly!

Ensure the beliefs you have are true, and help you lead the best life you possibly can.

You have the ability to immediately change your beliefs… now!

The first step, is that you have to want to.

Create positive beliefs and create a belief that you have already achieved (whatever you want), before you actually achieve it.

By doing this you are aligning yourself to success, your belief system starts working for you.

Directing all of your thoughts and actions, towards the successful achievements you desire.

The limiting beliefs are broken through.

Everything now is driven by the can do belief of ‘I wil do’!

You start thinking of a whole new range of ways you can achieve success.

Having a belief that you will succeed, will guarantee success.

It creates a focus and determination within you that is so powerful, and so directing.

You feel a great sense of achievement before you’ve even achieved, simply because you know its going to happen… and it’s going to happen fast!

People around you will start seeing you different.

You will be seen as a can do person, and people will want to emulate you.

Remember, limiting your beliefs will never give you the conviction you need to succeed.

By changing your mindset to ‘I can do’ and ‘I will do’, you’re immediately making it happen… immediately making progress.

We need to be continually moving, continually alive.

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Hope you enjoy the episode.


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