Ten Minute Hit
Episode 4: Change Your Strategy



Today’s episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’ is the final day of the mini-series of episodes focusing on creating lasting change in your life.

In the previous two episodes, we spoke about the three steps required to create lasting change:

1. Raise your standards

2. Change you limiting beliefs

3. Change your strategy

Todays episode focuses on step 3, Change your strategy.


The whole purpose of having a strategy is that it creates action.

It creates a list of actions you need to be taking, in order to achieve your desired goal.

Most people know what they need to do to improve their lives, problem is that most people don’t take any action… We can be our own worse enemy!

Knowing what to do isn’t enough, we have to take action.

In order to succeed at anything in life, you need a good strategy.

When you have a good strategy you have a good, a road to achieving your results.

There are so many ways you can learn new strategies… books, blogs, podcasts, mentors, courses, seminars and so on.

It’s time to invest in yourself and in your future!

Don’t blindly follow strategies… Instead learn about it, then assess it, and finally tailor the strategy to your own situation.

Listen in to the podcast for more information!


Hope you enjoy the episode.



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