Ten Minute Hit
Episode 6: Decisions (Part 1)



Today’s episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’┬áis the first in a mini-series of four podcasts focusing on decisions.

A lot of the success that I’ve had in life and business is through the decisions I’ve made.

At certain points in my career, I’ve made the decision to challenge myself… that life could be better.

I started to understand that I was making positive decisions that were shaping my life.

I started making more decisions and the more decisions I made, the better the decisions were.

Many people aren’t aware of the decisions they make and make decisions on autopilot, never taking the time to fully consider the decisions.

We all need to take control of our decisions, to ensure we get on the right road to success.

Take control of your life by making the right decisions!

We make decisions every minute of the day, and its time to wake up to these decisions.

You can lead the life that you want by simply being aware that you are making decisions, and then by making the right decisions.

For more information, listen in…

Hope you enjoy the episode.



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