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Episode 8: Decisions (Part 3)



Today’s episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’ is the third in a mini-series of four podcasts focusing on decisions.

We continue today where we left off yesterday, when I explaining that we can change our lives immediately by changing the decisions we make.

We need to create the habit of decision making… like learning a new skill.

When you put yourself on the road to a goal or life achievement, you start to look to the future in a positive way and see the version of you that you want to become.

You’ve already made the decision to become that person.

You create actions to make it happen, and your life changes for the better the moment you actively start making decisions.

The good thing is that we all have the basic skills of decision making, we’re all capable of making decisions.

We’ve already said that the first step is to understand you are making decisions… be more aware.

We are responsible for our own actions, therefore we are responsible for our own successes.

Catching your decision making in the moment is key.

When you are aware that you are making a decision, ask yourself ‘Am I making the right decision that will take me closer to my goals?’.

Consider other options you may have and choose the decisions with the best possible results.

This helps you improve you motivation, drive and commitment.

Everything you do is through considered decision making.

The decisions that we make, ultimately determine the skills we have and the person we become.

There are four simple steps we can take to ensure that the decisions we are making in life, are the best ones for us and are leading us in the right direction.

1. Decide what you want

2. Take action

3. Review action

4. Amend your approach

Listen in to the episode for more information…

Hope you enjoy the episode.



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