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Episode 9: Decisions (Part 4)



Today’s episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’ is the final podcast in a mini-series of four podcasts focusing on decisions.


Yesterday we spoke about the decision making process.

1. Decide what you want

2. Take action

3. Review action

4. Amend your approach

We know that making a true decision, means committing to a desired result.

It removes any other possibilities.

Once you start making decisions, you’ll start to enjoy making more and more.

The worry and insecurity is gone as you take control of your life… on your terms.

So we’re making more decisions, but how do we get better at decision making.

Well, its like anything else… the more that you work at something, the better you get.

You start to learn as you progress, what works for you and what doesn’t.

You change your approach until you start feeling that your decisions making is getting better.

It’s important not to get frustrated if a decision doesn’t exactly turn out as you’d thought.

Don’t beat yourself up to much, instead celebrating that you have the chance to learn and adjust.

Making better judgements, comes from making better judgements.

The more bad experiences you have, the better you become… hence, better decision making.

I believe that for every bad decision I make, a good decision is just around the corner.

I try my best not to make the same bad decision more than once!

So, try to develop a thinking of looking forward to learning from the things that don’t turn out the way you had hoped.

Get excited and understand it for what it is… all experiences are good experiences as long as you look at them in the right way.

Listen in to the episode for more information…

Hope you enjoy the episode.



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