Ten Minute Hit
Episode 12: Pain and Pleasure (Part 2)



Todays episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’ is the secondĀ of two episodes looking at pain and pleasure.

We’ve already said that for all our decisions, we either associate pain or pleasure.

Ultimately this leads our decisions… It’s what drives our decision making process.

By not being in control of our pain/pleasure reflexes, often means that we make the wrong decisions.

The most important thing for us to learn is what creates pain and what creates pleasure.

We can make conscious decisions about what to reward and what to punish ourselves for.

If we link huge pain to anything, we definitely will avoid it.

We are all able to change our associations to pain and pleasure, we just have to concentrate and be more aware.

So when you are associating great pain to something you should be doing, this pain is stopping you from taking action.

You need to manipulate your thinking and you need to substitute the discomfort of pain, with a pleasure feeling… the pleasure of actually doing and taking action.

If we want to change something we have to link pain with the old behaviour, and link great pleasure with the new behaviour that we want in our lives.

We have to get into the habit of doing this daily.

It will start to become conditioned within us, and you start to control your life.

Listen in to the episode for further information!

Hope you enjoy the episode.



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