Ten Minute Hit
Episode 1: Dreams of Destiny


Finally it’s here… After weeks of preparation, the first episode of the ‘Ten Minute Hit’ is here!

The Ten minute hit is a weekday podcast (Monday-Friday) that aims to give you life and business tips, that help you on your journey to becoming the best version of you.

Success is just around the corner and within reach, stretch a little further and grasp it with both hands!

In this first episode I give a brief introduction into my experiences, and then move on to a discussion relating to Dreams of Destiny.

We all have dreams and want to live a life full of promise, the problem is that we get so bogged down in our everyday life, these dreams are often put off or even forgotten.

This episode is about getting control of our lives, through asking the question ‘How can I take immediate control of my life?’.

This question will get you thinking of the things you need to do, to get your life back on track. It could be learning something new, reading something, changing your habits… anything!

You are in control of your destiny, you control the outcome of your life.


Ask yourselves the following three questions…

1. What three things do you see yourself as good at?

2. What three things in life are you currently thankful for?

3. What are three achievements you have already achieved?


These questions will help build up a good amount of positivity in your life. It’s good to take time out to remember what you are good at, what in your life makes you feel happy, and celebrate your achievements. Your mood immediately changes, and you focus on achieving more.


During this episode I mention printing a piece of paper with the following statement… ‘I’m in control of my life, and when I focus I can achieve anything’. Don’t forget this step as it will be so powerful for you. Place it somewhere you will see it every morning and repeat it loudly, at least three times. Feel the happiness and positivity that this action will bring to you.


Hope you enjoy!





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