It seems that many of us jump at the chance to take shortcuts.

Whilst we may experience short term joy or success, my experience is that taking shortcuts severely hamper long term success and happiness.

You see, to get anywhere in life you need to take a journey.

If you want to make your way from New York City to Boston, you need to pass through towns, drive on highways, so and on so forth.

You just can’t magically change your location to Boston… well, not yet anyway!



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Lets say you are wanting to become a concert pianist.

You have no other option than the years learning and practice, its going to take to get there.

You can’t just proclaim that you are already at concert pianist level, as you’re going to get found out.

The same is true in business.

I’ve come across many who claim they are the next best thing in their field, only to be let down when its clear they overstated their skills or experience.

My point here is that instead of taking shortcut, accept that you must take the journey to truly achieve success.

Take the time to learn, experience and improve.

Then when you are asked to show your worth, you’ll be able to do it easily!


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