One of the things I’ve noticed quite a lot in my working career, and indeed my coaching sessions, is how easy it is to get into the negative thinking mindset.

Let me be more specific here…

What I mean is… it’s really easy to allow your negativity to drive your investigations into things.

Let me give you an example.

We’ve all worked with that one person who is super negative when they’re talking about other people, topics or issues… everything they say is a big downer.

And if we’re honest, there’s times when all of us are eaten up by this outward negativity.

We might be going through a rough period of our lives, stress is high, or we’re lacking the sleep we need to be most effective.

When we’re in this frame of mind it seems that everything we tackle, we tackle in a super negative way.

Everything is poor, everything is against us, and everyone is hammered by our criticism.

The danger here is that we actually start looking for negativity.

We approach everything with negativity!

We may see a newspaper headline and think ‘Oh here goes, so and so’s been at it again… lets have a read about the rubbish they’re spouting’…

Before you know it, you’re reading the article looking out for the negatives… hell, we even congratulate ourselves when we find it.

Crazy eh?

We start to celebrate our negativity, and even enjoy it in some twisted way.

Problem is, others don’t enjoy it at all.

This leads to us closing ourselves off from our friends, family and colleagues… going back into our cocoon of negativity.



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So how do we resolve this?

First and foremost, I’d say you need to be aware of what you’re looking for… what you’re expecting.

This will allow you to assess how you are approaching any issue, person or situation.

Are you approaching it with a negative frame of mind, neutral frame of mind, or a positive frame of mind.

Believe me if you approach anything in a negative frame of mind, you will certainly seek out and find the negatives.

Therefore we need to concentrate our approach to a more positive frame of mind… at worse neutral.

Yes it’s important to find issues, threats and problems, but you need to change your reactions and responses to these issues, threats and problems.

For each problem you find, spend five minutes developing a solution.

For every negative you read about someone, find a positive within the article or elsewhere.

All too often we stop at the negatives!


Attack everything with a positive outlook, and you will find positives.

You’ll feel better and see more good… in life, situations, and in people.

Be fair and give people an acceptable amount of leeway.

Changing your approach will change your life and experiences for the better… give it a try today.



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4 thoughts on “Stop with the Negativity”

  1. Hi Damien. Everyone throws a pity party for themselves once in a while, but for a big segment of our society, pity parties are a way of life. I think part of it is the barrage of negativity from the media. They seem to give a stamp of approval on negativity.

    I love finding posts like yours that encourage us to find the positives in life. I am a naturally gloomy person, but I try every day to be positive and find things to be grateful for. Thanks so much for an inspirational post.

    All the best,

    1. I’m glad you like it.

      If i feel I’m struggling with things, my first checklist is have I had enough sleep, am I eating well and have a drank enough water.

      I find myself much more effective when all three are ticked!

      All the best

  2. Hi Damian thanks for the reminder about negativity – yes it can definitely be a trap we all fall into from time to time. I’ve noticed when I’m down or negative and it doesn’t go away, I need to look at my health. Often negativity is one of the signals my mind sends that all is not well with the body. That doesn’t detract anything from what you say. Negativity is all of that. This is just my ‘spin’ on the one positive I’ve got out of being negative, it does sometimes have its uses!

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