I’ve always been a big fan of open and frank communication in both my personal and business life.

Unfortunately there are many that disagree.

I believe that a lack of open and frank discussion creates complacency, blocks good ideas, kills action and ultimately provides substandard results.

When we breed a culture of open and frank discussion, things just seem to work better.

When I talk about lack of openness and frankness, I’m talking about the inability to communicate effectively or in a straightforward way.

Debate isn’t encouraged and people shy away from comments or criticism.

People keep their mouth shut to make others feel better or to avoid conflict.

Worse still people keep things to themselves and fail to share.

How can companies excel without giving all employees the opportunity to share their opinions, actively debate issues and be open on areas that require improvement.



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How Openness and Frankness Leads To Positive Results.

1. Open and frank discussion gets more people involved in the conversation.

When you have more people in the conversation, you get more ideas, you get the opportunity to discuss positives and negative, you get the chance to determine the best course of action

2. Speed and efficiency comes with open and frank discussions.

Problems are tackled sooner rather than later, meaning solutions are put into place quickly.

Time isn’t wasted allowing problems to expand, and we know problems are more difficult to resolve the bigger they get.

3. You will cut costs.

This goes without saying.

Think of all the savings just considering the first two points.

Add onto that the time saved on wasteful meetings and reports.

How Can I Install More Open and Frank Discussion Into My Organisation (or Life).

Creating more open and frank discussion can be done, but it can be a long process to instil into your business.

The problem is that you are dealing with human nature and years of behavioural attitudes.

It seems that lately being super polite is the order of the day, regardless of how negatively this can impact you or your business.

Saving face and fake behaviour is what a lot of us prefer.

To really fight this and install more frank and open discussion, you must reward any examples of this type of behaviour.

Be sure to talk about examples of open and frank communication, and the results that it has provided.

Make public hero’s of people who demonstrate it.

You yourself must actively demonstrate open and frank communication in an exuberant way.

Communicate how happy you are that the company is improving, and is being guided by the open and frank discussions now being had by employees.

Challenge everything, even the things that are going well.

‘You have achieved fantastic things in your department but lets spend some time considering what hasn’t gone too well for you, and how we can correct these so you can provide even better results’.

Open and frank conversation pushes people to achieve more.

Which brings greater amounts of celebration and job satisfaction.

An important note though…

Being open and frank is not about being rude.

Being open and frank is about communicating in a straightforward, respectful and solution driven way (click to tweet!).

It’s about improving the situation, not celebrating someone’s mistakes.

If we give it to one another straight, each us will be better for it.

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