Ok, so just to be clear from the get go… This book is a MUST READ, I’ll try to explain why…

The inside cover tells you that ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine will put you and your company on a path to success and, more important, help you stay there’… and you know what, I kind of agree.

As the name suggests it’s a book about sales.

Initially I was concerned that this was going to be a book with numerous sales techniques, that I’ve read and read in many sales books… each claiming to be the key to achievement and exactly what I need.

But The Ultimate Sales Machine is more.

The book focuses you on 12 critical areas of improvement:



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1. Time management

This really delves  into how you need to, and can, maximise your productivity (personal and team).

There’s some very useful tips and ideas here, whether you’re in sales or not.


2. Higher standards and training

As the chapter title suggests, this is all around improving your sales training with the goal of increasing the standard (and standards) of your team.


3. Executing effective meetings

Go’s into detail about how teams can work together through the use of workshops, to improve every aspect of the business.


4. Becoming a brilliant strategist

An interesting chapter that promises that you will make nine times more impact from every strategic move you will make.

I see this chapter as being particularly useful for anyone just getting into sales management, as it forces you to consider every move you make as requiring a strategy.


5. Hiring superstars

I really enjoyed this chapter…

What’s more difficult than hiring sales superstars, so often the guy you were promised in interview doesn’t turn out to be the same person once hired.

Some great tips how to narrow down on the best.


6. Getting the best buyers

The fastest, least expensive way to generate sales.

It’s all about focusing your attention on the best buyers, saving time!

Best buyers, means more revenue!


7. Marketing

Provides what Chet calls the 7 musts of marketing.

I think this is a decent, but quite basic, introduction to marketing.

You may feel a little let down with this chapter if you are looking for greater depth of information.

It really is a simple overview.


8. Attraction and Closing

Some good ideas relating to attracting more customers, and once you have them how to close them!

Some good tips on presenting.


9. Tactics to land dream clients

A follow on from the sixth point.


10. Sales skills

Some good information here that any sales person would benefit from.


11. Follow up

Tips for following up with your clients.


12. Goal setting and measurement

An often forgotten part of the sales process is goal setting and measurement.

Again this is nice introduction to goals and measurement, and will certainly wet your appetite to learn more.


As you can see there’s quite a bit of information to go at and what I like about it, is that it provides a strategy for your sales efforts… top to bottom.

The author Chet Holmes comes with a wealth of business and sales success, working with 60 of the Fortune 500… and he clearly knows his stuff.

Whilst some of the information in the book was already known to me, there were certainly some great pointers that I’d either forgotten, or simply didn’t know about.

If you’re new to sales, this book will is just what you need to gain a full understanding of the sales function.

If you’re experienced sales professional, this book will provide you with new strategies and ideas to improve your team.

I 100% recommend this book to ensure your business has the Ultimate Sale Machine!


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