Whenever we think of obsessions, we tend to think of something that is no good for us.

The word obsession is mostly used when discussing something negative, or a story with a sad ending.

This person had an obsession with alcohol, or that person was obsessed drugs… so on and so forth.

But what if I told you there is a positive to obsessions… there can be a positive to being obsessed about certain things.


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What You Will Learn


• What is an obsession

• Positive obsessions

• How to know when obsessions are good

• Planning through obsessions

• Things to look out for with your obsessions


What is an obsession


An obsession is something that becomes extremely important to us, and everything we do is driven around achieving that obsession.

Everything we do and everything we think about, is tailored to our obsession and to making it happen.

When we are obsessed with something we will research, we will plan and we will execute… whatever it takes to achieve.


Positive obsessions


To clear things up, there are many times that obsessions can be negative… I mentioned a few above.

They can be destructive for yourself, and damaging for others.

But things aren’t so simple to say that obsession in general is bad.

I believe that positive obsessions can drive us to success.

For example, when you decide that a particular job is simply one that you must get.

If you become obsessed with this thought, you will do everything in your power to make this obsession a reality.

You will study, you will learn, you will develop… everything required to make the dream happen.

When you are obsessed you overcome bumps in the road, times when things aren’t exactly going for you.

Your obsession drives your commitment and resilience to keep going, and overcome problems.

Your obsession helps you win.


How To Know When My Obsession Is a Good Thing


When Obsessions Are Good


As I’ve said there can be obsessions that will drive you forward and obsessions that will wreck your lives, and the lives of others.

So how can we tell if an obsession is right for us.

First of all, you need to understand if you have any current obsessions you don’t know about.

Take some time to consider this honestly, and even ask the ones nearest and dearest to you.

Then you need to consider something that would really move your life forward.

A new job, a new hobby, a particular goal.

Then ask yourself the following questions…


• What will following this obsession provide me with?

• What are the positives the obsession will bring, to me and people close to me?

• What are the negatives the obsession will bring, to me and people close to me?

• Is this a healthy obsession?

• Will following this obsession make me ill?


As you consider all the answers, you will build up a feeling as to whether or not the given obsession is going to be a good or bad thing for you (and the people around you).

Be honest, deluding yourself will only result in you following an obsession that will damage you, or people around you.


Planning Through Obsessions


Planning through obsession


Little do we realise, but when we are obsessed with something, we actually plan in great detail… in a very subconscious way.

Due to the fact that we think about our obsessions very often, we allocate a great deal of brain power into planning how to work towards our obsession.

It’s here we need to be careful.

If we leave things in our head, as with all planning, things get messy… and the onset of stress if just around the corner.

Therefore we all need to take the time to consider our obsessions properly, and develop detailed plans of action.

If our obsession is to get the new job, write down all the things you think you need to do/achieve/learn to get the job.

Then for each, develop some actions with timescales, that will help you achieve the things you’ve determined you need.

You are now using your obsession positively, to plan for your success.


A Word Of Warning


A Word Of Warning on Obsessions


As I’ve said obsessions can be positive, but they can also be negative.

First we need to be aware of our obsessions, following which we really need to evaluate them.

If any obsession is going to be damaging to yourself, your family, or to the people close to you… then you need to wipe this obsession from your life.

But if the obsession is going to help you grow and move forward, things that will benefit everyone around you, then embrace these obsessions and drive yourself to success.

That said, even on the positive obsessions, make sure you’re not pushing things too far.

As human beings we do tend to get overexcited when it comes to obsessions, and we can cease to considering things from all sides.

Therefore, make sure you regularly plan, review and adapt your obsession, and how you work towards it.

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To Wrap Things Up


Healthy obsessions will enhance your life.

They provide you with a goal, a plan, and a determination to succeed.

They build up your commitment and drive, and you become more resilient to problems.

Its time to get obsessed… Time to embrace your obsessions.





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