We all have a huge untapped revenue source within ourselves that we’re just not taking advantage of.

What is it?

Well, it’s our knowledge and experiences.

If you’re like me, you will read many books, listen to business podcasts and audiobooks, attend events and seminars, complete online courses, and so on.

Let me show you how you can use all of this to make money.


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The idea here is to raise your profile… to become an expert and a person of value.

You need to start sharing what you’ve learned, and the experiences you’ve had.

People will start taking note of who you are and what you’ve got to say… Because what you say adds value.

There’s millions of people out there at different stages in their development and careers, and there is always a section of the market that will find your views interesting and inspiring.

Therefore you need to find ways of communicating with them.

As you profile increases, so will your business opportunities.

So what do you need to do?

Well every time you read a book, complete a course, attend a seminar, or so on… you should be making notes relating to information you find interesting and useful.

You then need to dissect this information and make it valuable for others.

Take out the information that you don’t agree with, add information that you think will strengthen.

You end up with a source of information that is your way of doing something… your piece of advice or recommendation.

This can be in the format of a blog, an eBook, a podcast, an online course, and so on.

You’ve invested the time and money to learn, now is the time to use this investment to share with others… and get a return on your investment.

You’re going to increase your network, become known as an industry/topic expert, and ultimately open up more opportunities for extra revenue… People become attracted to you, you are a source of value.

Don’t be worried that you feel that you’re using information that belongs to other people.

You aren’t copying the information 100%… instead you should be collating information from a number of sources, including your own thoughts and impressions, and creating a final piece of your information.

Also, I always encourage you to include any credit to individuals for good information received… Share the love!

So the next time that you read a book, attend a seminar, complete an online course, listen to a useful podcast… Make notes, and file them in relevant subject/topic areas.

Use these notes to create sources of information that others can use to better their own skills and knowledge.

Many of us are eager when it comes to investing time to learn and better ourselves… It’s time to share our knowledge and get a return on that investment.


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