Everything that we do in our lives is the result of the decisions we make. The decisions you are making right now, are shaping how you feel and who you will become.

It is so important to understand that we can give ourselves the best life and become the best version of ourselves… all we need to do is start making decisions now about how we are going to live our future lives. It’s time to take control of your life and you do this through making better decisions.

The problem is that most of us don’t know we’re making decisions. You can ask most people ‘What decisions have you made today’ and get the reply ‘Oh nothing too big really’.

The error these people are making is that they are not aware of their everyday decision making. That decision to read Facebook when you should be sorting your accounts, the decision to put off the time to learn a new skill or read a book. They all add up.


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All too often these decisions are not seen or recognised as decision making, as we live our lives on autopilot. Constantly in a rush or stuck in routine.

That decision you made not to read and instead watch TV, is shaping your life more than you realise. Maybe if you’d read that book, you would have picked up a new skill that would help you do your job better. Your boss would see these improvements and give you a promotion or raise. Instead you sat in front of the TV oblivious…. ‘Well it’s what I normally do’. This is why I don’t accept when people tell me ‘I don’t know why this is happening to me?’ or ‘Why am I feeling like this’.

Life changes for the good as soon as you start to understand you are making decisions and are thoughtfully involved in you decision making, you start taking your life in the direction of goal achievement. Your decisions can help you experience the highs of life, but also offer the opportunity for great lows.

When you’re having a tough time of things and aren’t feeling too happy, its easy to mope around and feel sorry for yourself. Understand that you are making the decision to deal with the situation in this way.

Wouldn’t it be better if you made the decision to determine exactly why you are feeling this way, what set of circumstances brought you to this situation, how you can get out of it and most importantly how to stop it happening again.

When you make a real decision, you cut off any other possibilities. You commit yourself to a certain road, certain actions and a resultant goal.

We need to start setting standards for ourselves that clearly outline acceptable behaviours, if you don’t its easy to slip back into the behaviours that don’t provide you with the quality of life you can achieve.

Live your life by these standards and revisit them regularly to see how you are doing, making adjustments along the way. By creating a set of standards you are making a decision to live your life a certain way… To take control.

It is often said that when people finally understand that we are making important decisions all the time and start actively thinking about these decisions, they immediately feel better in the knowledge that they are back in control and the outcome of their life is down to thoughtful decision making.

The beauty about decision making is that the more we do it, the better we get at it! We start to learn from our decisions and become more experienced in making effective decisions that will shape our lives for the better.

It’s important to understand that the only bad decision is the unaware decision that you made out of routine or on autopilot, the one that you probably don’t even realise you’re making. If you make a decision that doesn’t quite pan out as you’d have hoped, learn from it. What are the reasons for the result of the decision, why did it happen and what will you do differently.

Through making more decisions, analysing and reviewing your decisions, you will see start to see your life and the lives of those around you improve.

Start today being more aware of the decisions you make. Immediately ask yourself is the decision I usually make (or am about to make) going to help me achieve my goals and improve my life, if not you need to make a different decision.

If you find that you are feeling a way you don’t want to or things are going too well for you, think back to the decisions you could have made to get you there. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but make the decision to put things right. Make the decision to think about your desired result, actions you need to get you there and how you’ll feel when you achieve.

I genuinely hope that after reading this post you will make the decision to be more aware of the decisions you are making and how they are shaping your life.

Make the decision to be the best version of you and live a better life.

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